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Nature and different cultures have always fascinated me and for that reason most of my vacations have been spent in countries with interesting cultures and mountainareas with trekkingpossibilities.
I have trekked a lot in the swedish and norwegian mountains.
Five times, so far, I have been to the Himalayas. In Nepal I have trekked to " The Annapurna Sanctuary", "The Everest Trek" from Jiri to Chukkung Ri ( almost 5 600 mas ) an The Annapurna Circuit, from Besi Sahar via Thorung La, Poon Hill, Ghandrung to Dhampus.
In the indian Himalayas I have trekked in "The Miyar Valley", a remote valley in Lahual, close to the Kashmir-border, visited by few trekkers.
One of my most interesting Himalayan trekks is the one from the small village Simikot, in the remote Humla distric in Nepal, to Sher, once named Taklakot, in Tibet. The trail is a rather newly opened pilgrimpath following the Humla Karnali river.
The trekk is only possible if a liason officer is following the group.

Other nice asian trekks I made was some on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. The Toraja-area, around Rantepao, offers very nice, but hot, trekking possibilities among ricefileds and beautiful toraja villages. In the northern part of the island, in the Manado area, there are good possibilities to trekk on the sloops of several volcanoes. I trekked the sloopes of Mahawu and Lokon.  

In South America I have only trekked in "Parque Nacional del Condoriri y Yungas", situated about 70 kilometers northeast of La Paz.
I have also trekked on the sloopes of the volcanoes Tunguaruha, Cotocahi and Imbabura in Ecuador.
In Peru I have trekked in the Machu Pichhu area as well as in the Huaraz region. 

Two times I have visited Madeira for trekking. There I have trekked different trails along the levadas, but also some interesting inland trails, trekked by few.

Most of the weekends I spend in the beautiful swedish nature with trekking some of the many lowlandtrails you can find here. My target is to trekk a minimum of 1570 kilometers per year, which is equal with the total length of our country.

I am working for a big international company since many years and have had different positions, mainly in the marketing area. My jobs have given me opportunities to travel for 23 years. 20 of them internationally. Through my job I have also had the chance to live and work abroad. 1983/84 in USA and 1987/88 in Germany.

Nowadays, I only make private trips and for that reason I look for exotic places, and different cultures in our interesting world.

Some of my more exoctic journeys are put together to slideshows and given to the public.

On this site you will find some of my more interesting trips and favourite areas presented.
Please continue your visit on my homepage!

Painted by quiwuchas in the Amazonas, Ecuador

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