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"The Country In The Hearth Of Europe"

This is another of the interesting "Eastern block" countries that has opened its borders and welcomes visitors. In many of the old towns and villages you will find well preserved medieval athmosphere. The country has a very old and interesting history and many big and beautiful castles are left from the different periods.

The capital Prague offers the visitors many interesting buildings and areas. To stroll around in the Old Town with its medieval houses and the Town Square, with the unique astronomic clock, is like walking in ancient times. A visit at the old jewish graveyard reminds you about the cruel things the people had to face during the years. To walk over the Karlsbridge to Pragues magnificent castle Hrdacany is a pleasant experience. Not far away from the castle you find "The Golden Lane", with many small and old houses.

Not only Prague is worth a visit.
There are many small medieval towns in the country, that can be visited with great pleasure.

My favourite among them is Cesky Krumlov in southern Bohemia, located at the Vltava River. 
The town has been restored with help from UNESCO and is now on the World Heritage-list. 

The center of the town, with narrow and winding small street and lanes, is a nice example of medieval architecture and the Castle a masterpiesce. The castle is the second largest in the country. Here you can find "The Hall of Masks" decorated with baroque paintings. There is a beautiful view over the town and the Vltava-river from the castle.

Other interesting old towns are Prahatice, Karlovy Vary, Tabor, Kutna Hora and Melnik.

In the Czech Republic you can find several interesting national parks and fine areas for outdoor activities.

In Cesky Raj, The Czech Paradise, you will find unique sandstone formations.

In the Krkonose-mountains you can find good trekking possibilities. Here are well marked trails all over the area, and many spots are very scenic. Sometimes you trekk in Poland, as the borderline splits the mountainarea between the two countries. You can trekk into Poland and visit and old norwegian church that has been moved here! Snezka, with its 1600 mas, is the highest mountain in the country and is located here.


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Trekking in

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The Tyn church.

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The castle.
Cesky Krumlov

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The church.
Cesky Krumlov

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Cesky Raj

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Mariane Lanske

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The old city.


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The confluence of
Labe and Vltava.

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The main square.
Cesky Krumlov

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Karlovy Vary

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Cesky Raj


Basic facts:

Conventional longform: Ceska Republika

Area, total: 78 867 sq km
0 km
10 177 000
Population/sq km:
Prague / 1 165 000

Lowest point: Labe river 115 m
Highest point: Snezka 1 602 m
Largest rivers: 
Labe, Vlatava, Morava 
Largest lakes:

Pop. growth rate: -0.13 %
Infant mortility rate:

(deaths / 1 000 live births)
Life expectancy at birth (years):
Male / Female 74 / 81

Ethnic groups: Czechs 90.4 %, Moravian 3.7 %, Slovaks 1.9 %, other 4.1 %
Religions: Roman Catholic 26.8 %, Protestant 2.1 %, other religions 3.3 %, unspecified 8.8 %, unaffiliated 59.0 %
Czech, Slovak, other
Literacy; % of pop. over 15 years:
Male / Female 99 / 99

Independence: January 1, 1993 from Czechoslovakia
National holidays:
 May 8, National  Liberation Day, October 28 Founding of the Republic

GNP/capita: USD 18 722
 Koruna (CZK)
Tourists (annually): 6 649 000

Mobile telephones: 14 331 000
Internet users: 
6 681 000
Railways: 9 632 km
127 719 km

Source: CIA World Factbook 2012/02

Map over the Czech Rep.

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The Czech Republic was established through the split of Czechoslovakia in 1993. The czechks kept the former flag.
Red and white are the colours of the old kingdom Bohemia, and the blue comes from the province of Morava.

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The crest is divied into four different parts. In the two red sections you can see the bohemian lion with its splitted tail. The other two sections shows two eagles. The black is representing the the province of Silesia,  and the red and white the province of Morava.

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